#6. Predecessor


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Following documentation is a cooperative result combined from our Discord chat and numerous pull requests. Thanks to everyone who helped!


This image was produced from the sixth radio transmission using previously contributed code.

This partly annotated version of the image was made using code from message #3.


Contributed by Discord user @elventian.

Just like in #5. Successor, there are two unknown symbols in this message, together they represent a decrement operation.

The three-pixel symbol is identical to increment operation, and the other complicated one looks similar to increment, but rejects our theory about internal structure of the symbol, so it’s just an arbitrary patterns.


ap dec 1   =   0
ap dec 2   =   1
ap dec 3   =   2
ap dec 4   =   3
ap dec 1024   =   1023
ap dec 0   =   -1
ap dec -1   =   -2
ap dec -2   =   -3


Revised version of the Haskell code that supports the dec glyph is published on the message #3 page.

Contributed by Discord users @pink_snow and @fryguybob.

Example output: