#39. Interaction Protocol


Following documentation is a cooperative result combined from our Discord chat. Thanks to everyone who helped!


This image was produced from the thirty-ninth radio transmission using previously contributed code.


Start the protocol passing nil as the initial state and (0, 0) as the initial point. Then iterate the protocol passing new points along with states obtained from the previous execution.


ap ap ap interact x0 nil ap ap vec 0 0 = ( x16 , ap multipledraw x64 )
ap ap ap interact x0 x16 ap ap vec x1 x2 = ( x17 , ap multipledraw x65 )
ap ap ap interact x0 x17 ap ap vec x3 x4 = ( x18 , ap multipledraw x66 )
ap ap ap interact x0 x18 ap ap vec x5 x6 = ( x19 , ap multipledraw x67 )